How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

Easily one of the most neglected rooms in a house when it comes to remodeling, the bathroom today takes a more prominent role as far as renovations go. Our article below covers several important factors to consider before you get into bathroom remodeling. If you check them out first, you might avoid some headaches along the way and possibly some heartache as well.

Get Yourself A Plan

Set out a blueprint for yourself, even when you are not envisioning a do-it-yourself project. Even with a general contractor, it is best to know the following several points before you set out on a bathroom remodeling job.

Where Will The Job Be Done?

The locality of where one lives often determines the cost to homeowners of their bathroom renovation project. In fact, remodeling in the South typically cost less than those done in the West or the Northeast. Generally, they run approximately $10,500 higher or lower, depending on the geographic area where one lives.
The good news is that according to one recent major remodeling magazine report, a mid-range bathroom renovation job recoups 102 percent of the cost once selling time approaches.

What Is Your Budget?

In order to not suffer sudden, severe, sticker shock, know how far you want to go with the expenses–then don’t wander away from the projected budgeted amount.

What Do You Want Done?

A powder-room size restroom or a full-scale bathroom area? Lighting fixtures may call for the help of an electrician. Moving or replacing a tub will call for someone who knows something about plumbing. Even selecting a vanity, counter-top and single/double sink carries a different price tag from one item to another.
Pedestal sinks from Kohler, Porcher, American Standard and other major brands typically cost from $140 to $300 each. There is a trend today in choosing granite, marble counter-tops with cabinetry versus built-in designs; thereby, just be aware that according to what style/design you want, that is what you can expect to pay.
That being said, a good idea is to research the items you want installed, or replaced, and take your time. Don’t always settle for what a contractor shows you, and let them know you’ll be actively involved in choosing what goes into your new remodeling job.

What Can You Discard From The Project?

While it is an easy thing to spend around $25,000 on a bathroom re-do, compromise is not a dirty word in the world of renovations. What are the features you can’t do without, and what are the ones that, on second thought, you really never needed?


Moving fixtures is considered as one of the most complex jobs to a bathroom renovation job–toilet, sink, shower stall and/or tub. If you are impressed with the practical utility of a Bidet, then the price grows even higher.
Learn to compromise. If an exquisite glass vessel sink is a must with you, then perhaps you can do with a standard, white, no-frills toilet that sells for about $125. That being said, think around your present floor plan, and see what streak of creativity hits you.
If you’re thinking in terms of sufficient lighting in your bathroom, you’ll also have to think in terms of possibly getting an electrician. Simply put, keeping costs down in a bathroom renovation project all depends on just what you want done.


Another major expense, the cost of installing tiles, and associated costs such as labor, is another area to put one’s creativity to good use. A total-body shower wall can be simply substituted with a tiled shower.
Needless to say, as a homeowner, you need to weigh one thing against another. You may have the patience, expertise, time and extra help you’ll need to undertake a bathroom remodeling job–or maybe you won’t. In that case, research your bathroom remodeling contractors well, and let a pro do the job.