Choosing the Right Materials for your Roof

Choosing the right materials for your roof depend entirely on the form and function you want your roof to take. You must work with a professional roofer who understands how to give you the roof you are looking for. The roofing work in your area may suggest that all roofs are the same, but you must be assured that every roof is slightly different.

The Shingles

The shingles chosen for your roof must be the color and style you prefer for your home. A house that is designed in the Spanish colonial style requires red or terracotta shingles that will match the style of the house. Homes made in the Victorian style must have black shingles that contrast the color of the house, and homes made in complementary colors like blues and greens must use brown shingles.

The Shape

Each shingle must be chosen for the style that they convey. Most shingles are rectangular in shape, but you may get shingles that come in a unique shape. Unique shapes will evoke the style that is unique to your home. People driving by your home during the day will take note of the beautiful shape of the shingles on your roof, and everyone who notices such a style contrast will immediately see the home as more valuable.

The Insulation

Your roof interior must have insulated layers that prevent loss air of airflow in your attic. The best roofs have several layers of padding and insulation that will insulate the attic from the outside air. You may not be able to see the insulation, but the roof must be constructed with the insulation in mind. A better roof will help reduce the heating and cooling bills at your house.


The flashings used for your roof must reach around anything that protrudes out of the roof itself. Your chimney and separate levels of the roof must use flashing to prevent leaks. Flashing may be painted the color of your roofing materials, and the flashing must be tightly adhered to the surfaces. Your roof will not be very effective if the flashing is not properly installed, and the metallic color of the flashing interferes with the coloring of your roof.

Quick Installation

You are waiting for the right time of year to have your roof replaced quickly. Your roof may not be replaced during a spat of bad weather, and you do not want to engage with a roofer when you know the weather will be poor. Consider the perfect time of year to get your roof replaced, and contact your roofer when you are ready to get the work done.


Replacing your roof may be an expensive endeavor. Your roof may be replaced of your own accord, and you will foot the bill for the work. Storm damage in your area will compel your insurance company to pay out for wind and storm damage that happened to your roof. You can prove when the storms come through your area, and the storm damage will be verified by an insurance adjuster. You will not pay a cent for a new roof, or you may only cover a small deductible for the job at-hand.
A new roof is a perfect foil when you move into a new house or update your current house. New roofs will embody the spirit and style of the house, and you can create a brand new look with modern roofing shingles. Ask your roofer to come at the perfect time of year, and finance the project through your insurance company after storm damage occurs. You will come out of the project with a roof befitting your style.